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Locked doors and secured entry points can delay emergency response. Enable first responder rapid access by installing a secure UL listed KnoxBox that houses entry keys and access cards.

There are two types of series, Commercial and Residential. The residential KnoxBox are for only residences. Businesses or large properties will need to stick with the commercial series.

Knox Box
We recommend them for all properties, especially those with fire alarm monitoring systems, medical alerting systems or frequent patients.

South Whidbey Fire/EMS asks that all property owners with electric gates consider installing a 3502 Key Switch on Mounting Plate when installing their gate. Most gates can be easily retrofitted to add one by simply contacting their installer or an electrician.

The below link directs you to the South Whidbey Fire/EMS product order page with our correct agency already entered. This link provides product information, pricing and the number for Knox Customer Service. Anyone in our response area can submit their order online.

Commercial Knox Boxes:

Residential Knox Boxes:

Electric Gate Switches:

Knox Gate (chain type) Padlock:

If you prefer to send in your order you can download the appropriate order form and mail it directly to Knox.

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